Arithmetic Aptitudes Academy

At AAA, we believe that Knowledge Base, Extra Questions for practice and Individual Attention are required for a student to drive towards the success. At every centre of AAA, we always strive to provide all the above three mentioned qualities to enhance our students abilities which will enable him to give his best. Arithmetic Aptitudes Academy India, which was established in august, 2004 at Delhi, a global leader in Abacus & Vedic Math programme specially designed for children above 5 years age. Essentially, the Arithmetic Aptitudes Academy Programs are nothing but scientific brain management techniques that unveil the infinite potential of the human brain and its effective use. For this we use ancient as well as modern methods developed over the year like “Vedic Math and Soraban Abacus”.

Improve Concentration

Weak concentration can be a hurdle for a lifetime if not corrected at any early age. Abacus is known for its ability to improve ones concentration and help focus better.

Strengthen Memory

Working on the abacus with the beads to be counted and remembered helps in improving the memory power. It also improves retention power that comes handy in the long run.

Enhance Gross Motor Skills

As the instrument involves using of hands and fingers for the beads to be moved around, it acts as great brain simulator. This improves the brains efficiency and simulates the sensory organs.

Boost Self Confidence

It also helps in developing the ward's self–esteem and confidence. These are one of the most important parts of an individuals' personality while making maths fun.


Abacus learning programme provides significant benefits to children in enhancing the learning skills, photographic memory, visualisation skills, increasing speed, higher concentration, attaining accuracy and proficiency in all subjects. It is suited for children of ages 4-13.

Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics incorporates the ancient mathematical treasures of the Vedas, 'The Indian Vedic Math'. It involves using tricks and concepts to solve questions in one go. This course is particulary suited for students above 11 years of age.

Online Maths Classes (9 - 12)

These online maths tuition for children are an effective method to facilitate continuous learning. An online math class can range anywhere between pre-recorded videos with assignments to a live interactive sessions conducted by an online facilitator.