Accord English

“The more one becomes familiar to the concepts of the language, the better one learns”

In today’s world where boundaries are shrinking & countries are becoming a close-knit family, English language is the global language. Most of the countries have English as their second language, with India being one of them.

So, no matter, which career you are dreaming for your child, an excellence in English is a virtual must.
Not just professionally, but also in social circles too, one can’t do without it. Today, English is the need and has emerged as a language for survival in this competitive world.


  • First time ever learn English
    • by Psychology based Memory improvement techniques for long lasting retention of concepts, rules, laws or exceptions in brain
    • with software
    • with board games
    • with interactive worksheets
    • with interactive activities i.e. scripts & role playing sessions
    • with animated movies & funny clips
  • Coverage of entire English Grammar
  • Provides opportunity for Adequate exposure for practical usage & reasoning
  • Small batch size
  • Comprehensive program for self stimulated fluent English Speaking
  • Preparation for small group discussions & interviews
  • Quality program backed with AAA Pvt ltd’s 10 year’s experience & research
  • English learning with concept command for error free usage
  • Planned & structured material according to the pace of a child
  • Inter curriculum learning approach to prompt law of association
  • English reasoning & aptitude development
  • Preparation of competitive exams i.e. GRE, GMAT, CAT & many more


[message_box  type=”info” icon=”yes”]Program structure[/message_box]


Level 1

Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verbs, Adverbs, Silent letter, Phonics, Calligraphy intro  Writing & Conversation (Play way approach), Script practice

Level 2

Spelling rules, Superlatives, Articles, Homonyms, Homographs, Homophones, Preposition, One word substitution, Modals, Tenses, Active- Passive voice, Punctuation, Writing & Conversation (Basic & Role playing), Script practice

 Level 3

Word formation, Prefixes- Suffixes, Magictionary (Rich Vocabulary bank), Synonyms, Antonyms, Transformation, Synthesis, Direct- Indirect speech, Writing & Conversation (Moderate & Role playing), Script practice in life like situations

Level 4

Foreign vocabulary, Idioms & phrases, Comprehensions, Precis writing, Reporting, Paragraph – Letter – Essay writing, Writing & Conversation (Advanced)

Level Achievers (Level 5)

Interactive sessions, Extempore, Interview, Speech, Skits & Plays, Exposure for practical conversation, Creative writing techniques

  • Duration:
    3 months for each level
  • Groups:
    a) Class 3rd to 6th , up to level 3 only
    b) Class 7th onwards, all levels
  • Evaluation method:
    a) Continuous & comprehensive, based on class performance & assignments
    b) Class tests
    c) Level test
  • Certification:
    a) Certificate provided by AAA Pvt Ltd on successful completion of each level
    b) On completion of entire program a course certificate for the course exam conducted by AAA Head Office
  • Prizes:  
    Medals, mementos and prizes as per performance and examination level.