Arithmetic Aptitudes Academy | Sparkle 2018
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Sparkle 2018

Arithmetic Aptitudes Academy presents 14th National Level Abacus and Vedic Mathematics Open Championship ‘SPARKLE 2018’. Its bigger and better this time.

The students can participate in various categories, namely; Abacus, Vedic Mathematics and Aptitude of Mathematics for different age groups, levels and classes.

You can enroll in the championship either by filling the form on personal level or by contacting any franchise center of AAA or by contacting your school (optional).
CLICK HERE to download the form.


Date of Examination: 15th April 2018
Reporting Time: As per your enrollment ticket
Venue: Nav Hind Girls Sr. Sec. School, Karol Bagh, New Delhi


Championship Categories

Pre Junior Abacus Level-I

Pre Junior Abacus Level-II

Pre Junior Abacus Level-III

Pre Junior Abacus Level-IV

Pre Junior Abacus Level-V

Junior Abacus Level-I

Junior Abacus Level-II

Junior Abacus Level-III

Junior Abacus Level-IV

Junior Abacus Level-V

Junior Abacus Level-VI

Junior Abacus Level-VII

Junior Abacus Level-VIII

Senior Abacus Level-I

Senior Abacus Level-II

Senior Abacus Level-III

Senior Abacus Level-IV

Senior Abacus Level-V

Junior Vedic Level-I

Junior Vedic Level-II

Senior Vedic Level-I

Senior Vedic Level-II

Senior Vedic Level-III

Senior Vedic Level-IV


For more inquiry and sample papers, email us at OR you can Whatsapp us @ 9868421078.

Instructions for examination:

1. The student must wear his/her tag.(Enrollment Ticket)
2. The student should reach the venue on time. In case of late arrival, the student shall not be allowed to appear for the test.
3. The student must carry his/her own disposable water bottle (labelled). AAA does not take the responsibility of student’s belongings.
4. It is mandatory for the parents to carry the parent copy of the enrollment ticket at the time of  entry and dispersal.
5. The child must carry the writing board and 4 – 5 sharpened pencils. Avoid the use of Eraser/Sharpener during the exam.
6. Only Abacus Level-I students are allowed to use their Abacus Tool at the time of exam if they want.
7. School students must wear school uniform and carry their school ID-Card.
8. Parents will not be allowed into the examination room.
9. Abacus or Vedic Mathematics Exam duration is 10 minutes. For Maths aptitude, time limit is 20 minutes.